An imaginative programme of activity modules for schools, museums and galleries suitable for Key Stage 2. All programmes can be adapted to suit informal learning opportunities for other age groups, family events or particular requirements.

Sun Jester currently offer the following Themes:

Prehistory - Stone Age:

Using real and replica objects to introduce the materials used to manufacture tools during the Stone Age and examine the sources of raw materials available during the Neolithic and the implications for trade and interaction. Identify the changing needs in tool design caused by the introduction of agriculture and the evidence for the spread of agriculture in Britain.

Prehistory - Bronze Age

Exploring the stone and metal tools used during the Bronze Age using our own collection of original and replica objects. Investigating the technological development of copper and bronze tools during this period, looking at how the use of metal slowly gained ascendancy over the use of stone. This workshop uses a reconstructed Bronze Age to form the basis of our investigation. Make a copper pendant basesd on Bronze Age designs.

Prehistory - Iron Age

Examining the metal tools used during the Iron Age using our own collection of original and replica objects. This session introduces the materials used to manufacture tools during the Iron Age and explains the technology of manufacturing iron tools. Examine the design of British coins and investigate their significance in a barter-based society and make a reproduction Iron Age coin.


Examining Roman domestic life using real and replica objects.

Investigate the science and superstition of Roman healthcare, the role of the gods and magic in medicine and surgical techniques of the Roman Empire.

Look at how the Roman Army communicated over long distance and try your hand at Roman military signaling.

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Using a reconstructed warrior's grave to see what can be discovered from burials about the weapons, armour and material culture of the period.

Explore the runic alphabet of the early Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings.

Examine the use of coins by kings as a means of communicasting propaganda and make an Anglo-Saxon penny.


An exciting day investigating the world of pre-Columbian America. The workshops will emphasise the use of documentary and archaeological evidence to learn about people in the past. Investigate the pictorial writing system used by the Aztecs and solve some simple mathematical problems using Aztec numerals.

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